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JDSU / Test-Um Tri-Porter
The Network Qualification and Testing Tool

JDSU/Test-UM Tri-Porter

The first network installation tester that provides a full range of physical wiring tests for the fast, efficient delivery of IP-based voice, data and video services in the home or small office with one integrated tool.

Test, Talk & Trace home and office voice/data/video cabling installations

  Tri-Porter replaces up to 6 traditional testing tools.
- Ranger LB255 butt set
- Lanscaper NT700 (with 100 mbit speed)
- Testifier TP350
- Coax Mapper CX200
- Resi Toner
- Resi Tracer

Triple Play is the new buzz word. What does it mean?

It refers to three services, voice, data and video, that customers require today for 21st century living. These three services travel over the premise cabling, which needs to be tested and qualified to assure good quality signals with adequate capacity. Tri-Porter is our answer to this need, with its multi-functional, broad-based capabilities.  It is the natural evolution of JDSU’s core strengths, Test, Talk and Trace, in one all-encompassing product.  Tri-Porter will make your job of testing and configuring cables easier, faster and more accurate, at a cost that is a fraction of what you would expect to pay.

Tri-Porter is waiting to help. Just see what it can do for you!

Voice Telephony Testing Testing and verifying proper operation of each telephone outlet assures adequate signal levels for all offered services.  Power-up telephone systems with the on-board dial tone simulator (SLIC) to test connected runs.

- Advanced-function telephone butt set
- Call analysis and discovery
- Voltage and current readings
- Line number discovery with captured digits
- DTMF decode to watch dialed call numbers for accuracy
- Call Waiting service testing
- SLIC simulator to test lines without outside provider service
- Speakerphone for hands-free listening to dial tone and line monitoring
- DSL safe
- 20-pc remote wiremapping set

Data Testing Ethernet Networks Test newly-installed network cables on unpowered systems or check active working networks to detect any physical layer or configuration problems.

- Configure the network, test the cables and guarantee the quality
- Tests to TIA568 interconnect specifications and connected length; CAT5, 5E and 6
- Port discovery—ISDN, POTS, Token Ring, Ethernet, etc.
- Negotiates at 100 Mbit with DHCP or manual addressing
- Ping for IP address information and configuration
- Identify equipment on the other end of the line, showing its speed and type
- Link speed displayed, 10/100Mbit
- Hub blink to find connected ends in wiring closets
- Qualify lines for VoIP service at 100Mbit speeds
- Cisco Discovery Protocol ready
- 20-pc remote wiremapping set

Video RF Detection and Testing HDTV, video-on-demand, cable modems, etc., all demand superb signal quality to work correctly. Testing for physical and electronic variations will guarantee that everything works as it should.

- Detects and measures RF service energy levels DB/Mv
- Tests for opens and shorts
- Displays length of each tested run
- 20-pc remote wiremapping set
- The unique tone signal—which travels through splitter, filters and traps to trace lines while the system is powered-up and in-use—is detectable by the Tri-Porter tracer unit

Tri-Porter Catalog PDF

JDSU / Test-Um IVT600 Tri-Porter Network Qualification Tool $ [Add to Cart]

Tri-Porter comes with a handy carrying case, which holds both the main unit and the remote tester/tracer, along with the 20-piece wiremapping sets for remote discovery of telephone, coax, and network cables.


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