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Greenlee / Tempo Tone and Probe Kits

Tone & Probe Tracing Kits
Tone & Probe Tracing Kits
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Greenlee is proud to introduce fully upgraded versions of its industry standard tone and probe tracing kits. these all new kits offer superior tracing for low voltage applications such as telephone, data, and security alarm wiring. Essential equipment for the internal wiring technician, the Greenlee tone and probe kits provide the ability to check voltage on wire pairs as well as generate a tagging tone along the wire, which is then picked up by the tracing probe.

Features: 601K-G 701K-G 701K-G/6A
- Tone Probe 200B-G 200EP-G 200EP-G
- Adjustable Volume Control
- Replaceable Tip
- LED Signal Indicator  
- Test Telephone Port  
- Headset Jack  
- LED Flashlight  

Features: 601K-G 701K-G 701K-G/6A
- Tone Generator 77M-G 77HP-G 77HP-G/6A
- Continuity & Polarity LED
- External Warble Select
- RJ11 & RJ45 Socket  
- Lanyard  
- Short Circuit LED/Beeper LED
- Single/Dual Line Modular LED Single Dual Dual
- Alligator/ABN Connector Clips Alligator Alligator ABN

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Greenlee 601K-G Basic Tone and Probe Kit $93.49 [Add to Cart]
Greenlee 701K-G Professional Tone and Probe Tracing Kit $116.56 [Add to Cart]
Greenlee 701K-G/6A Professional Tone & Probe Tracing Kit with ABN Test Clips $116.56 [Add to Cart]
Greenlee 200B-G Tone Probe $82.08 [Add to Cart]
Greenlee 200EP-G Tone Probe $86.35 [Add to Cart]
Greenlee 77M-G Tone Generator $40.33 [Add to Cart]
Greenlee 77HP-G Tone Generator $43.95 [Add to Cart]
Greenlee 77HP-G/6A Tone Generator $55.00 [Add to Cart]

Tempo 801K

Tempo 801K tone and probe kit

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When it comes to wire identification kits, the 801K Premium Tone and Probe Kit is top of the line! Containing the 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator with bent nose piercing clips, increased talk battery supply and higher voltage protection, as well as the 200FP Filter Probe to filter out all that AC hum, the 801K offers all the features professionals are looking for. Both units are housed in a high quality Cordura case and are designed for years of dependable use.
801K Tempo Premium Tone and Probe Kit  Only $187.84 [Add to Cart]

Tempo 802K Digital LAN Tracing Kit
Tempo 802K Digital LAN Tracing Kit
The 802K digital LAN tracing kit is a powerful, unique troubleshooting and tracing solution for LANs and other type of VDV wiring.  The industry standard 200FP filter probe eliminate hum from fluorescent lights and AC power wiring, and the AT8L LAN toner not only generates multiple tracing tones and provides basic wiring tests, but indicates the presence of 10/100Base-T network service.

The LAN Toner is designed for the network installation and maintenance professional and can be used on any wiring system including datacom, telecom, security, alarm, audio and CATV.

  Product Features

- Blinks HUB, Switch Port, and PC activity lights for fast identification.
- Detect LAN hubs & switches.
- Provides tone signaling, continuity testing and telephone line polarity indication combined with a modular breakout adapter.
- Selectable tone outputs for identifying multiple cable runs.
- Includes multiple connection options.
- By selectively filtering out 60Hz and its harmonics, the 200FP
can be used with any tone generator for faster, more accurate, cable and wire identification.
- Slim, comfortable design for use in limited-space areas.
- Recessed on/off push-button control to conserve battery life.
- Adjustable sensitivity/volume control to increase accuracy.
- Blended carbon/plastic tip to reduce the risk of shorting terminals.
- Durable woven nylon.
- Fits belts up to 3 wide.

Tempo 802K Digital LAN Tracing Kit $189.00 [Add to Cart]

Tempo 811K Digital High Performance Tracing Kit
Tempo 811K Digital High Performance Tracing Kit
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The 811K Digital High Performance Tracing Kit is a wire and pair tracing tool that is both universally compatible and virtually noise-immune. Whether tracking wires in a clear and quiet location or trying to find a wire in an area roaring with power hum and digital crosstalk, the 200XP probe and 77GX tone generator work efficiently. The tracing pair is also capable of working with any older type conventional tone probes and tone generators.

  Product Features

- Trace wire pairs or cables even in areas with high electrical noise levels.
- Very high performance together, still work with all older tracing equipment.
- Crystal-controlled digital signal processing (DSP) accuracy.
- Selectable digital probe filtering allows users to choose performance.
- Single button probe function control.
- Power hum melts away with the press of a button.
- Works with butt sets for improved audibility in loud locations.
- Selectable power output levels in generator permit tailoring to application.
- Two-line telephone service indication.
- Short circuit check.
- Tone generator offers modular plug, modular jack or alligator clip connection.
- Three selectable tone sending patterns.
- Auto-off battery saver function for probe (5 min) and generator (4 h).
- Low battery indication.

Tempo 811K Digital High Performance Tracing Kit $174.95 [Add to Cart]

Tempo 402K
Tempo 402K tone and probe kit

Tempo 402K Click for larger image

Designed specifically for the CATV industry, the 402K will send tone through any passive device along the cable path. Now you can tone through splitters, directional couplers and traps. No more long delays trying to figure out non-tagged or mis-tagged cable drops. The 402K is simple to use and provides fast, accurate results. The transmitter and receiver are equipped with female F-connectors and the kit provides both audible and LED test and tone indications. The addition of optional adapter test leads allows the 402K to be used on distribution cables as well as wire pairs or signal conductors. With its user defined tone output, up to four 402T Toner units can be used simultaneously for tracing multiple cables runs. As a continuity tester, the 402K provides both audible tone and LED display to indicate resistance levels. The unit will even identify the presence of AC or DC voltage on the cable under test. The newly designed 402R receiver provides three methods of signal reception. Electrostatic pickup for non-terminated cables, electromagnetic pickup for terminated or shorted cables and direct connection when identifying in the presence of passive devices. The 402K consists of one transmitter, one receiver, one male F-to-F connector adapter, one male F-to-alligator clip adapter cable and a 700C carrying case.
402K Tempo Cable TV tone test set  Only $170.60 [Add to Cart]

Tempo 620K Security and Alarm Kit

Tempo 620K Security and Alarm Kit

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To better satisfy industry requirements, we’ve combined the new Model PE620 Loop Verifier with the popular Model 200EP Inductive Amplifier in this convenient kit. Designed specifically for the security and alarm industry, the PE620 can be connected to a Normally Open or Normally Closed loop pair and provides a distinct audible tone when the alarm condition occurs. Both units fit comfortably in the rugged 700C Carrying Case made of durable woven polyester. 1-year warranty.

620K Security and Alarm Kit $152.25 [Add to Cart]

Tempo 711K Tone and Probe Kit
Tempo 711K tone and probe kit

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The industry leader in wire and cable identification, introduces its newest series of professional grade tone and probe products. The only thing missing is complexity. The new 77GX Tone Generator incorporates a host of features including microprocessor controlled circuitry for increased reliability, three selectable tone outputs for multiple line identification, two-line polarity indication for fast outlet checks and selectable power outputs for use on open or shorted pairs. The new 200GX Inductive Amplifier features a simple, one-button operation and comfortable, ergonomic design. The adjustable volume control, LED visual signal strength indication, and powerful speaker make the 200GX ideal for noisy environments. To provide a single solution for the professional, Tempo has developed the 711K - Professional Tone and Probe Kit combining the 77GX Tone Generator and 200GX Inductive Amplifier in a rugged carrying case.

  Product Features

- Fast, Accurate Wire Identification
- Rugged Industrial Design
- Sends Tone to Identify Wires
- Three Selectable Tone Outputs
- Two-line Polarity Indication
- Continuity Test
- Adjustable Volume Control
- Visual Signal Strength Indication
- Powerful Speaker for Noisy Environments
- Recessed Telephone Test Set Connectors

711K Tempo Tone and Probe Kit $133.32 [Add to Cart]

Tempo AT8LK Lan Toner
Tempo at8lK tone and probe kit

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Designed for network installation and maintenance, Tempo® Electronics introduces its newest product the AT8L - LAN Toner. The new LAN Toner has the unique feature of sending tone in addition to blinking hub, switch port, and PC activity lights for fast identification. To meet the diverse demands of the network professional, the AT8L incorporates a host of features including two selectable tone outputs for multiple line identification, continuity testing, polarity indication for fast outlet identification, 8-position modular breakout tabs for testing both Datacom and Telecom, low battery indication and automatic shut-off to preserve battery life. Additionally, the LAN Toner includes both alligator clips and a modular plug and jack for multiple connection options. For ease-of-use, the modular plug is specifically designed to fit both a 6 and 8-position jack and there is a convenient wiring reference chart on the back of the product.

  Product Features

- Network Installation and Maintenance
- Blinks Hub, Switch Port, and PC Activity Lights
- Sends Tone to Identify Wires
- Two Selectable Tone Outputs
- Polarity Indication
- Continuity Testing
- 8-Position Modular Breakout Tabs
- Multiple Connection Options
- Low Battery Indication
- Automatic Shut-off

AT8LK Tempo Lan Toner $160.80 [Add to Cart]

Tempo AT8K

Tempo at8K tone and probe kit

Progressive AT8K
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Tone Generator and modular breakout adapter all in one

Tone Generator and modular breakout adapter all in one

- 8 position "snag proof" modular plug
- 8 position jack with protective cover
- Tone, continuity and talk battery supply using alligator clips
- Selectable solid/warble tone signal
- Quick reference guide with common wiring configurations
- Weather resistant design

Includes 200EP Inductive Amplifier and 700C carrying case

AT8K Tempo Tone Generator and Wand Only $153.29 [Add to Cart]

Tempo 508S Wire Finder
Tempo 508S Wire Finder

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For technicians who occasionally need to locate buried or in-wall wiring but don't require all the bells and whistles of a high priced cable locator. Compact design doesn't take up valuable truck space while easy to understand operations help avoid constantly referring to manuals. The 508S Wire Finder provides reliable results on buried cables to depths of 3 feet and lengths up to 1000 feet. The unit can even be used to determine the approximate depth of a wire or cable before you dig. Fully adjustable transmitter output and receiver gain improve system performance and locating accuracy. Wire Finder comes housed in a durable, molded carrying case with a quick reference operation guide on the inside of the lid.
- Affordable wire & cable locating under ground, in walls & ceilings, in all wiring industries, indoors & out.


- Power; two 9V batteries (included)
- Battery life; transmitter 35 hrs, receiver 20 hrs (nominal)
- Transmitter frequency/power; 447.5 KHz, 9V p-p (11mW)
- Voltage protection; 240 VAC, 500 VDC
- High impact ABS housings, formed polyethylene case, 2.6 lbs complete

508S Wire Finder $305.00 [Add to Cart]

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