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NaviTEK II Frontline Network Technician Tool

NaviTEK II Frontline Network Technician Tool

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See what you have been missing with other frontline network technician tools!

IDEAL’s NaviTEK II offers many features not found in other tools of its class. Though not widely deployed in the past, capabilities such as IPv6, PoE and VLANs, are now commonplace in today’s modern networks.

Modern networks require modern testing and troubleshooting capabilities to enable frontline technicians quick identification and resolution of a wide range of network and cabling issues. Until NaviTEK II, these capabilities have only been found in much higher priced tools.

Now all technicians can carry the power to test and solve today’s complex network challenges with accuracy and confidence. Use a NaviTEK II and see your network and cabling system more completely while reducing time spent on testing and troubleshooting.

  Easy to See User Interface
- Large, bright and clear color screen
- Large icons for accuracy and efficiency
- 5-way navigation buttons for easy navigation
- On screen keyboard for easy data input
- Autotest completes several tests automatically
  Essential Features for Modern Networks – IPv6!
- Simultaneously see and test IPv6 and IPv4 network information
  - Ping, Traceroute, DHCP
  - Store up to 10 common destinations
- Netscan – one touch, fast discovery
  - Auto discover IPv6 and IPv4 network nodes
- VLAN interface support (full 4094 range with priority)
  Test Power Over Ethernet
- See the availability of PoE sources in real time (802.3af and 802.3at)
  Accurate Cable Testing and Fault Finding
- Advanced Wiremap – pin by pin help you pinpoint faults
- Total distance, distance to fault with graphical display
- One connector for cabling and network tests, no need to move the cable
- Includes smart remote for very accurate results
- Built in toning capabilities to quickly distinguish cable
  Reporting of Test Results
- Simplify customer reporting and create accurate documentation
- Generate and store results in standards compliant XML formatoubleshooting.
    NaviTEK II
  Feature (Base) PLUS PRO
  User Interface
- Large Color Screen
- 5 way navigation
- On screen keyboard
  Network Interfaces
- 10/100 Ethernet
- Replaceable RJ45 Connector
- Gigabit Ethernet
- Traffic Utilization Meter
- Duplex status
- Netscan
- VLAN Support (4094 with priority)
- Fiber SFP Interface (supports SX, LX, ZX)    
  Network Testing and Discovery
- IPv6 and IPv4 Ping
- IPv6 and IPv4 Traceroute
- IPv6 and IPv4 DHCP
- Netscan Discovery of IPv6 and IPv4 hosts  
- Number of stored preferred destinations 10 10 10
  Network Service Availability Identification
- Ethernet
- Hub Blink
- Switch port, Cisco, Extreme, LLDP  
  Test Information - Save/Document/Report
- Link Information  
- Ping Information  
- PoE Information  
- Cable Testing Information  
- 802.1x Security Information    
- Netscan Information  
- Job and Customer Information  
- Number of Jobs / Tests Storage on Unit   5/50 5/50
- Save on unit and upload to PC
with USB
    NaviTEK II
  Feature (Base) PLUS PRO
  PoE (802.3af) / PoE+ (802.3at)
  Detection and availability
  Used pairs
  Cable Testing
  Advanced pin by pin Wiremap
  Split Pairs
  Accurate Distance to Fault
  Tone generator
  Loopback (copper and fiber)    
  802.1x Security
  EAP Type
  User Name    
  Errors - Collisions  
  Errors - FCS  
  Errors - Undersize  
  Errors - Oversize  
  Errors - Jabbers  
  Errors - Bad Length  
  Language Support
  Simplified Chinese
  What's Included
  NaviTEK II Test Unit     NaviTEK II PLUS Test Unit     NaviTEK II PRO Premium Kit
- NaviTEK Test Unit
- Advanced Wiremap Remote Unit #1
- (2) Cat 5e STP patch cords
- (4) AA Dry Cell Batteries (non-rechargeable)
- Quick Reference Guide, Manual on CD
- Carrying Case
- NaviTEK PLUS Test Unit
- Advanced Wiremap Remote Unit #1
- (2) Cat 5e STP patch cords
- (4) AA Dry Cell Batteries (non-rechargeable)
- Quick Reference Guide, Manual on CD
- Carrying Case
- NaviTEK II PRO Test Unit with Fiber SFP Interface
- NiMh rechargable battery pack
- AC power adaptor
- (10) Lifejack RJ45 Inserts + Extraction Tool
- Advanced Wiremap Remote Unit #1
- (2) Cat 5e STP patch cords
- (4) AA Dry Cell Batteries (non-rechargeable)
- Quick Reference Guide, Manual on CD
- Carrying Case
- SFP Fiber Kit modules sold separately
R153000   R151000   R151002

Ideal R153000 NaviTEK II Test Unit $612.00 [Add to Cart]
Ideal R151000 NaviTEK II PLUS Test Unit $995.00 [Add to Cart]
Ideal R151002 NaviTEK II PRO Premium Kit $1253.51 [Add to Cart]

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