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  The Sidekick T&Nd is a multifunction test set that will improve any technician’s testing and trouble shooting capabilities on twisted pair. It uses digital technology to combine VOM and loop current tests, longitudinal balance (Stress Test), transmission and noise, open locator, and load coil detection into one easy-to-use test set. The test functions can be selected and used individually, or run automatically by using the innovative Autotest. Autotest can perform 22 consecutive individual diagnostic tests and displays a test summary when completed.
  Test results are displayed on a 4 line, 20 character, digital LCD display. This eliminates meter interpretation errors and provides the user with a clear numerical readout.
  Sidekick T&Nd also includes Tempo’s patented Stress Test and Leakage Test. Stress Test measures the audible noise produced on a pair when it is “stressed” as a result of a 90 dBrnC longitudinal excitation. The Stress Test determines the capacitive and series resistance balance characteristics of a twisted pair at any point along the pair. It can detect imbalances that other test sets miss and is highly effective in identifying series resistance opens (high joints). The Leakage Test detects intermittent resistance faults that do not appear under normal VOM tests. When a faulted pair is taken out of service, galvanic action forms an insulating oxide layer over the fault(s). When returned to service, such pairs develop “noisy static” in a relatively short period of time. The Leakage Test uses 135 Volts to “punch through” the oxide layer and reveal the fault.
  Product Features
- Easy-to-Read Digital LCD Display
- Internal Dialer for Transmission Test Connections Autotest
- Performs 22 Individual Tests at the Touch of a Button
- Determines the Stressed Noise Susceptibility of Dry and Working Pairs
- Measures AC/DC Volts, Leakage, Resistance, and Loop Current
- Performs Circuit Loss, Circuit Noise (Metallic Noise), and Power Influence Tests
- Built-in Open Meter
- Locates up to 4 Load Coils
- Single Set up for Tip-Ring, Tip-Ground, and Ring-Ground Tests
- Field Replaceable Test Leads
- On-Screen Display of “LOW BAT"
- Performs Multiple Diagnostic Tests with Only One Instrument
- Autotest Makes Testing Consistent
- Easy-to-Read Digital Display Reduces Meter Interpretation Errors
- Finds Faults Other Test Sets Miss
- Simplifies Troubleshooting
- Saves Man Hours
- Reduces Repeat Trouble Calls.

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