Noyes FCC2-00-0900 Fiber Connector Cleaner Can

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AFL - Noyes FCC2-00-0900 Fiber Connector Cleaner Can



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AFL Telecommunications is pleased to announce our new Fiber Optic Cleaning solution. A non-flammable, environmentally safe, residue free solvent engineered to clean fiber connector end-faces. This product is exclusively produced for Noyes Fiber Systems by Micro Care Corporation, a world leader in cleaning solvents.

  Product Features:
- Not hazardous / not regulated - can ship via all modes of transport including air-cargo
- Nontoxic & nonflammable
- Faster drying than alcohol, without the residue
- High purity cleaning fluid is double-filtered to .2 microns
- Electrically conductive, it neutralizes "Particle Cling"
- Unlike alcohol, this cleaning fluid quickly dries without a residue
- Dissolves light oils, salts, grime and uncured epoxies and is especially effective when used with an appropriate mechanical wipe
- Non-aerosol/Non-pressurized metered pump dispenser
- Hermetically sealed container makes it impossible to contaminate solvent

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