T3 Innovation KP400-T3 Deluxe Tel Scope Field Kit

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T3 Innovation KP400-T3 Deluxe Tel Scope Field Kit



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Tel Scope uses the latest embedded processor technology to enhance the user interface experience to provide a“smart” telephone test set that can be modified easily with new innovative feature sets. Combined with a rugged weatherproof case, the Tel Scope is designed for field use in extreme conditions.

- Multilingual (English, French, Spanish)
- Large lighted LCD for use in low light environments
- Glow-in-the-dark keypad
- Rainproof
- 100% data safe
- The most powerful telco test set ever built!
  Physical Features
- Off-hook current and polarity
- On-hook voltage and polarity
- Ring amplitude and frequency
- On-hook and call waiting Caller ID info
- Amplified Line Monitor for volume levels comparable to “off hook” operation
- 8 number Stored memory with Alpha/Numeric tags
- Fuel Gauge Battery condition
- Continuous Polarity Indication
- Caller ID/Call Waiting
- Caller ID error detection
- Last Number redial - 24 digits
- Tone and Pulse dialing
- Configurable Auto Off in all modes
- Last number dialed, redialed or received
- Detection of T1 and DSL Lines
  Digital Protection Features
- Data Defender™ Data line-in-use capability (Data Defender is a trademark of Independent Technologies)
- High line voltage detection with next step options
- Active monitor circuitry minimizes load on subscriber line
- DTMF digit detection and display in monitor mode
- Detects DSL and T1 lines
- DigitView™, DTMF decode sees defects on customer equipment while dialing out
- PwrSave™ circuitry for Extra Long battery life

Product Dimensions
8.25x2.5x2.0 without belt clip and cord set
Product Weight
1lbs. 2oz.
Attached cord set
English, Spanish and French  
Ringer Equivalence
In BELL mode: 0.0 (no ringer load)
Pulse Dialing
Pulse rate: 10 pps ± 10%;
Make/break ratio: 60% to 40% ±2%; USA
Interdigit interval: 820 ms;
Resistance during break: 120K Ohms minimum
Tone Dialing
DTMF output (into 600 Ohms):
Tone-frequency error: ±1.5%;
Tone Level:
High group: -6 ±2 dBm;
Low group: -8 ±2 dBm;
High group vs. Low group Difference (twist): 2 ±1 dBm
Flash Duration
600 ±50 ms
Pause Duration
Tone: 3 seconds;
Pulse: 3.4 seconds
8 programmable locations, 32 digits with 12 character tag,
stored in non-volatile memory. Last number redial plus list
of last 10 numbers dialed.
Return Loss
Minimum 14 dB at 600 Ohms
Line-Current Range
10 to 110 mA
Apparent Line Resistance
275 Ohms at 20 mA
Monitor Mode Impedance
DC: 1MΩ typical
AC: 390 KΩ at 1 KHz typical
Voltage: 0 to 200 VDC ±5%;
Current: 10 to 110 mA ±5%;
NOTE: Do not attach test set to electric-power lines
User Controls
(1) Left-side-mounted TALK/BELL/MON push button
switches for operating modes;
(1) Right-side-mounted microphone mute pushbutton;
(4) Front-mounted pushbuttons for various options;
(1) Standard front-mounted 12-key phone keypad
Transflective 128 by 64 pixel graphical liquid crystal
display (LCD) with LED backlight
4 x AAA alkaline batteries
Battery Life
With 100% backlight and in speaker mode - 20 hours
Backlight off and speaker off - 75 hours
Standby - 2 years
3 Years


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  Q: Why does the Tel Scope display “Line Voltage: 0V” while it is connected to a POTS line?
  A: POTS line is inactive
  A: Check the Tel Scope’s cordset for damage
  A: The wiring could be disconnected or damaged
  A: Check and replace batteries
  Q: Does the Tel Scope work on digital phone lines?
  A: No, the Tel Scope is designed to connect to an analog telephone line (POTS).
  Q: The LCD backlight turns on but there is no text.
  A: The batteries are not properly installed
  A: The batteries need to be replaced
  Q: Why does the Tel Scope appear to turn off when I press the Bell Mode button?
  A: Bell mode is the Tel Scope’s “off state”, if a call is received the Tel Scope will “wake up”, ring, and display caller ID information. On entering bell mode, the back light goes off immediately but the display remains on for a few seconds displaying the firmware revision.
  Q: The person on the other end of a call cannot hear me when I have the speaker on.
  A: The Tel Scope has a push to talk feature when the loud speaker is activated. Simply press the mute button to talk and release the button to listen.
  Q: I cannot hear the person on the other end of the line
  A: Use the up/left down/right buttons to adjust the volume
  A: There may be a load on the line or insufficient voltage
  Q: It seems that your polarity indicator is showing me incorrect results
  A: A typical POTS line uses negative DC current therefore the ground is considered positive and the wire transmitting DC power is negative
  Q: Does the Tel Scope detect digital signals such as DSL or T1?
  A: Yes, the Tel Scope will detect the digital signals and display the signal frequency. The Tel Scope will not go off hook unless the user presses F2 to connect. The Tel Scope may interrupt the data signal if the user chooses to connect.
  Q: What type of batteries does the Tel Scope require?
  A: The Tel Scope requires 4 AAA alkaline batteries. Using carbon batteries is not recommended.