"T3 SSK250 Snap Shot Main Unit with CA001, CA002, CA003, AD001, AD002, TP200 and CP100"

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T3 SSK250 Snap Shot Main Unit with CA001, CA002, CA003, AD001, AD002, TP200 and CP100



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Accurately finds cable length, impediments in the cable and conditions at the end of every wire in your data, power, or communications/video system up to 3,000 ft. With the complexity of today’s electrical, data, voice and video signal carrying systems, you need a tool that is fast, accurate and easy to use to see down the wire and show the exact conditions that exist. Snap Shot™ is that tool. Made in America with American technology, Snap Shot™ is the new 21st century tool for testing every type of cable in any industry. Advanced Spread Spectrum TDR technology works in all wire environments and is immune to voltage, current, or data stream disruptions. See the true picture of your wiring and cable systems with Snap Shot™ today.

- Works on energized cables
- Finds cable length or distance to fault from one end
- Measures cable distance on spool
- Accuracy of 1% or better
- Calibrates NVP values
- Internal memory for storing most used NVP values
- Large backlit LCD display
- Built-in tone generator for cable tracing & identification
- Loop test for continuous testing
- Displays length reading in feet or meters
- Auto-off to preserve battery life

Holds up to two different NVP values for multiple cable tests.
Ability to calibrate NVP for any cable
Tests length, opens or shorts present on the cable, up to 3,000ft.
  Tone Generation
Produces four different tones for locating cables

Physical Dimensions
Size: 17.3 x 8.0 x 3.3 cm (6.8 x 3.15 x 1.3 inches)
Weight: 340 grams (12.0 oz.) With battery
Input Protection
To 400 volts peak 50/60 Hz AC or DC
Voltage Warning
At maximum of Safety Extra Low Voltage limits (60V peak AC or DC)
- Measurement continues while warning is displayed
Measurement Method
Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR) NVP (VOP) Range 20.0 to 99.9%
NVP Accuracy Range
± 1% with known NVP and consistent cable parameters
Maximum Length
3,000 ft on cables with low attenuation
Common Cable
Length Ranges
- Coaxial Cable - 0 to 2,000 feet
- Data Cable - 0 to 1,500 feet
- Electrical Cable - 0 to 1,000 feet
Tone Generation
4 selectable tone cadences centered on 1 kHz
- Constant output amplitude of 3 Vp-p
4 AA alkaline batteries
- Standby: 4 years
- Active: 15 hours average
Battery Low Level
Approximately 4 volts
Operating Environment
- Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
- Storage temperature: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
- Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing
- Altitude: 3,050 meters (10,000ft) maximum
Complies with Conformité European directives.

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  Q. What is SSTDR?
  A. SSTDR stands for spread spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry. It differs from traditional TDR measurement devices by using multiple spread spectrum signals.
  Q. Can The Snap Shot measure a single conductor?
  A. No, TDR and SSTDR require two conductors to measure a wire or cable
  Q. Can I measure a single wire inside conduit?
  A. Yes! You can use metallic conduit as a return path to measure a single conductor wire. Simply connect the red lead to the wire inside the conduit and connect the black lead to the conduit.
  Q. How do I turn off the unit?
  A. Hold down the Snap Shot power button for 3 seconds to power the unit off
  Q. How do I calibrate the NVP?
  A. Power on the Snap Shot. Get a known length of cable that is 25ft or longer and connect it to the Snap Shot. Press the CAL button and use the up/down buttons until you see the length of the cable. Press the Test button.
  Q. How do I save the NVP?
  A. The Snap Shot has the ability to save two NVP values. Press the MEM button to toggle between M1 and M2. To save the current NVP value, select the memory slot you wish to use and press and hold the MEM button. The arrows to the left of the NVP value will disappear when the value has been saved.
  Q. How do I use the tone generator?
  A. The tone generator places an AM frequency on the cable that the Snap Shot is connected to. A tone probe (sold separately) picks up the frequency and produces an audible sound. You can trace the tone to follow the cable to an open or a break.
  Q. Why do cable measurements like Romex differ in length using the Snap Shot when coiled vs. uncoiled?
  A. The cable impedance can be affected by coiling it because it creates inconsistency between the spacing of the conductors which can affect the NVP value.
  Q. Do I have to press the test button every time I want to run a test?
  A. No, you can activate the loop test mode by holding the test button down for three seconds.
  Q. Does the Snap Shot have a backlight?
  A. Yes, tap the power button to turn the backlight on and off.
  Q. Can I measure a cable that is connected to a device like an IP camera or a breaker?
  A. In most cases, yes. If the device has open/closed circuitry, the Snap Shot will be able to measure to that circuit. If a resistor, transistor, capacitor etc. is in the path of the cable and the device circuit, the Snap Shot may not be able to obtain an accurate measurement.
  Q. Does the Snap Shot test underground cable?
  A. The Snap Shot can measure underground cable as long as it’s insulated and has two conductors.
  Q. Will the Snap Shot be damaged if I connect to a cable with voltage?
  A. The Snap Shot does have voltage protection but should not be connected to voltage over 60 volts due to the risk of electrical shock.
  Q. Why does the Snap Shot display Err when I am trying to measure a cable?
  A. The cable is too long.
  A. The cable has excessive attenuation.
  A. The NVP is not correct.
  A. The calibration length is not close to the length of the cable.
  Q. Why does the Snap Shot say 0ft?
  A. The cable being measured may have an open fault less than 1ft past the connection point.
  A. The alligator clips may be too far apart. When the alligator clips are separated, it can create more impedance at the connection and appear as an open.
  Q. What is the warranty on the Snap Shot?
  A. One year from date of purchase.