Paladin UTP Cable Testers

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Identify connector and cable pin-out for patch cords and installed cables with the LAN cable check functionality. The tester also provides full-range continuity testing, line condition, signal tracing & wire identification with tone generator and tone probe cable tracer capabilities.

One-Year warranty

  RJ45 LAN Tester:

Cable Mapping Function Identifies: - Good Connection, Opens, Shorts and Crosses:
- Connector and Cable Pin-Out
- Clear LED Display for Each Pin and Shield
- Shielded RJ45 Modular Plug Socket
- Automatic Display of Mapping with Dual Speeds: Slow or Fast
- Tests RJ11 and RJ45 Cables with Runs up to 600 feet

  Telephone Test Set and Tone Probe Cable Tracer
- Check Polarity of Telephone Power Line
- View Telephone Line Status: Dial Tone, Ringing or Busy Line
- Provides Talk Power for Telephone Lines and Butt Set Use
- Selectable Dual/Single Tone Application for Balanced and Unbalanced Circuits
- Four Tone Generator Patterns
- Test Continuity of Wires, Cables and Loads
- Tone Generator Features Auto-Off Function
- Located Patch and Termination Point of Wire
- Quickly Identify Cable Pair Carrying Tone Signal
- Inductive, High Sensitivity Probe
- Jack for Headset
- Audible Speaker with Adjustable Volume Control Enables use Without a Butt Set

  Kit Includes:
- Main & Remote Units
- 2 9v Batteries
- 2 RJ45 Shielded Patch Cords
- RJ11 & Alligator Clip Cord
- RJ11 Patch Cord
- Durable, Nylon Carrying Case


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Paladin Tools PA1574 LAN Cable-Check

Paladin Tools PA1574 LAN Cable-Check

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Test continuity of RJ45 data and telephone connection schemes on patch cords or on installed cable runs to identify: good connections, opens, shorts and cross-connections.

  Telephone Test Set and Tone Probe Cable Tracer
- Identifies Cross-Over Telephone Connections
- Automatically Scans When Cables are Connected and Unit Turned On
- Two Scan Speeds: Fast or Slow
- Map Connector and Cable Pin-Out
- Tests Cable Up to 1,650 Feet or 500 m
- Also Tests R11 Connections Using an RJ11 Adapter (Not Included)
- One-Year Warranty

  Kit Includes:
- 2, RJ45 Patch Cords
- 9V Battery Included
- A Durable Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Loop


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Quickly and easily test RJ45, cable TV "F", RCA, and BNC cabling used in smart home installations.

- Tests RJ45 patch cords and network installations to identify good connections, opens, shorts or cross-connections
- Connection type:RJ45 UTP or STP modular plug & cable TV "F" coaxial
- Identifies data and telephone connection schemes
- Maps cable pin-out
- Tests continuity of cable TV cables and installed cable runs
- Battery life for 15 hours continuous use
- Max. length: 1,650' (500 m)

- Combination network and coax tester
- Automatic scanning
- User selectable slow or fast speeds
- Quickly check cable installations and patch cords
- Easy-to-use with clear LED read-outs

- 2 RJ45 patch cords
- 75ohm male terminator
- CATV "F" Female adapter
- 2 CATV "F"(Male) to BNC(Female) adapter
- 2 CATV "F"(Male) to RCA(Female) adapter
- 9V battery
- Durable nylon carrying case


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If you’re a technician on the go, you need the LAN ProNavigator™ from Paladin Tools! Two-piece tester includes main unit and remote with test results at both ends.

  Product Features:
- One-Button, Simple Testing (PASS/FAIL or Fault Find)
- Traces Wires with Tone & Remote Lights
- Quick Fault Analysis on Coax & Data Cables
- CAT-5, CAT-5e or CAT-6 (UTP/STP) Cable Testing
- Detects Opens, Shorts, Crossed Wires & Split Pairs
- Compact & Lightweight, Comfortable to Hold
- Test Status Lights at Both Ends (Main Unit & Remote)
- Designed & Manufactured in the USA

- Simple PASS/FAIL Test Results in One Second Allows Technicians to Quickly Move on to the Next Test Site.
- Generates Oscillating Audio Tone for use with Tone Probes to Locate Cables.
- Tests Data and Telephone Cables up to 320 Feet (100 meters) for Proper Pairing for EIA/TIA-568A, EIA/TIA-568B, Token Ring, 10 Base T, and Common
- Category 5 Configurations.
- Tests Unshielded UTP and Shielded STP Data Cable.
- Detects Good Connections, Open Connections, Crossed Wires and Split Pairs.
- Tests Common BNC Connected 50 and 75 ohm Coaxial Cables up to 320 Feet (100 meters) for Continuity.
- Tests Coaxial Cable Types RG58, RG59, RG6, RG6 Quad, Belden 8281, RG8, RG11 and More.
- Shows Test Results at Both Ends of Cable.
- Belt Clips Provided and Lanyard Holes Embedded in Case to Attach to Belt or Wrist.
- Uses Standard 9-Volt DC Battery with Auto-Off Function to Preserve Battery Life.
- Includes Standard 9-Volt Battery
- One-Year Warranty

  901066 Includes:
- Test Set (Main and Remote)
- 2 RJ45 Patch Cords
- 2 BNC Coaxial Cables
- 2 CATV "F"to BNC Adapters
- 1BNC/BNC Adapter
- 1 Shielded RJ45 Coupler
- 2 Belt Clips in Durable Case


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