USCONEC 6339 OPTIPOP R cassette cleaner - MPO Male

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USCONEC 6339 OPTIPOP R cassette cleaner - MPO Male



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  The OPTIPOP R is a cassette style fiber optic connector cleaner system that can be refilled for reducing cleaning costs. It uses a densely woven micro-fiber cleaning fabric to remove harmful contaminates off of the ferrule end face. The OPTIPOP R cassette cleaning tool will accommodate all single fiber connections. US Conec has versions of the OPTIPOP R cassette cleaning tools that are designed specially for cleaning multi-fiber connector systems including the MTP® Brand Connectors, standard MPO and MTRJ connectors for both singlemode and multimode connectors. The customized OPTIPOP R cassette cleaning tool will accommodate the alignment guide pins on male MT ferrules. US Conec has a version of the OPTIPOP R cassette cleaning tool that is ideal for field use at FTTX work sites. This version accommodates the OptiTap™ connector housing making it ideal for technicians that need to clean OptiTap™ plug connectors on drop cables.
- Replacement reels are easy to install and reduce the cost per cleaning
- 400+ Cleanings
- Eliminates electrostatic charge
- The washed, ultra clean micro-fiber cloth captures debris and other contamination
- The cloth is robust, it does not fray or leave any fibrous materials behind
- The most cost effective high-end cleaning solution available
- FTTX work sites installing OptiTap™ drop cables
- Data center installation and preventative maintenance
- Central office and head end new equipment installations and preventive maintenance
- Production facilities that terminate fiber optic cable assemblies
- Testing and measuring laboratories using optoelectronic equipment
- Any application that uses unmated fiber optic connectors

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