A Brief History on datacomtools.com:

Wise Components, Inc. was founded in 1975, and quickly developed a base of OEM manufacturers and electrical contractors in Metro New York and Connecticut. In 1986, the IBM research center requested Wise’s service in specifying the materials needed so that each employee could have a monitor on their desk. At the time the term LAN – Local Area Network – was still just a concept. Wise supplied all the cable, connectors, and deployment components needed for them to achieve their goal.

In the late 1980s, several of Wise’s OEM manufacturers moved their plants overseas. Where other companies may have found it difficult to service customers overseas, Wise rose to the challenge, and to this day, provides our superior service internationally.

In the late 1990s, Wise launched www.datacomtools.com; a website dedicated to supplying tools, test equipment, and data center components to contractors, end-users throughout the US and abroad.

Wise Components, Inc employs over 30 Professionals ready to help you deploy your network infrastructure in the most cost effective way.

Datacomtools.com is a dba of Wise Components, inc.