New – Siemon LightBow Fiber Termination Kit

Best-In-Class Termination Time and Reliability
Fast deployment and superior reliability are of the utmost
importance in today’s fiber networks. While fiber field terminations offer
the flexibility to meet a variety of installation scenarios, they need to be
quick and easy while ensuring consistently high
performance connections.  With its patent-pending termination tool and pre-polished mechanical splice connectors, the LightBow Fiber Optic Termination System significantly
reduces termination time, prevents fiber end face contamination
and air gaps, and enables easy verification of termination quality.


LightBow Fiber Termination Kit
Siemon’s LightBow mechanical splice termination kit
includes the patent-pending, easy-to-use
termination tool, as well as all the implements and
consumables required for termination – all in a
convenient carrying case.

– Patent-pending termination tool
– Precision cleaver
– VFL and VFL 1.25mm adapter
– Strippers, scissors and tweezers
– Strip template and marker
– Alcohol and electrical tape

FT-LB-KIT: $1635.00 Click Here to Buy

LightBow Pre-Polished Connectors
Combined with Siemon’s exclusive patent-pending LightBow termination tool, Siemon LightBow pre-polished mechanical splice connectors can be deployed with unsurpassed termination speed and quality via a built-in VFL verification window and the ability to adjust or reterminate.
Available in both LC and SC configurations, these connectors support both multimode and singlemode versions of Siemon’s XGLO and LightSystem solutions.

FC1-LB-LC5-9AQ LC simplex connector, aqua, 50/125mm MM (OM3/OM4), 900mm buffered fiber, white boot $12.50
FC1-LB-LC6-9BG LC simplex connector, beige, 62.5/125mm MM (OM1), 900mm buffered fiber, white boot $11.95
FC1-LB-LCA-9GR LC simplex connector (APC), green, SM (OS1/OS2) 900mm buffered fiber, white boot $16.67
FC1-LB-LCU-9BL LC simplex connector (UPC), blue, SM (OS1/OS2), 900mm buffered fiber, white boot $15.35
FC1-LB-SC5-9AQ SC simplex connector, aqua, 50/125mm MM (OM3/OM4), 900mm buffered fiber, white boot $12.50
FC1-LB-SC6-9BG SC simplex connector, beige, 62.5/125mm MM (OM1), 900mm buffered fiber, white boot $11.80
FC1-LB-SCA-9GR SC simplex connector (APC), green, SM (OS1/OS2), 900mm buffered fiber, whtie boot $16.75
FC1-LB-SCU-9BL SC simplex connector (UPC), blue, SM (OS1/OS2), 900mm buffered fiber, white boot $15.35


Brady’s New label Maker – BMP61

Meet the Brady BMP61 Label Maker

Your Trusted Identification Companion, All Day, Every Day, for Years to Come

The Newest Member of Brady Label Printers BMP61

The Newest Member of Brady Label Printers BMP61

Brady’s BMP61 label printer is designed for quick and efficient identification of wires, cables and components. With high performance materials that can handle the toughest industrial identification applications, this printer is your rugged and reliable partner in the field and dependable workhorse in the shop. It features multiple user interfaces, touch screen capabilities and a variety of ways to connect, manage and save your data.

With the BMP61 printer in hand, you’re ready to tackle identification tasks- and finish those tasks flawlessly.

– Variety of application options, including PermaSleeve® wire marking sleeves, self-laminating labels, voice & datacomm ID, safety labels, general ID and more
– Die-cut, continuous & custom label supplies up to 2” wide (51mm) and designed for high-performance
– Crisp, clear labels in small fonts to fit on your smallest wires and product ID materials, thanks to a 300 dpi print head
– Data connectivity with USB 2.0 ports (Type A and B), USB flash drive support and optional WiFi, allows users to quickly save, copy or send label designs from a computer, tablet or smart phone by using LabelMark™ 6 software

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Brady BMP21-PLUS Giveaway

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BMP21-plus Giveaway

Buy 10 BMP21 Plus Labels Receive a BMP21-plus label printer

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You can find more information on the Brady BMP21-Plus label Printer here

Buy a Belden cat 6 or cat 5e Patch panel and get the Patch cords FREE!

Belden Patch Panel Value Packs

Purchase Belden patch panels from and receive 3′ patch cords free.  It doesn’t matter if you buy Category 5E, Category 6, 24 port or 48 port.  We will match the patch panel with the right type of patch cords for you.  All you need to do it tell us what color Patch cords you want.

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Introducing the Brady BMP21-Plus label printer

BMP21-plus Label Printer

BMP21-Plus Label printer
Brady BMP21-Plus

TOUGH on the Outside.       SMART on the Inside Features: -Automatic-label formatting for wire wraps, patch panels, terminal-blocks, cable flags and general banner labels -Drop-lock-and-print materials. -Passed shock and vibration testing per  MIL-STD-810G Method 5.16.6 S4.6.5 -Rechargeable Li-ION battery   (not included in base model) -Tape widths 0.25” to 0.75” -70 total material parts -Label grabb104 symbol for electric smart home, safety and datacomer holds label after cutting -104 symbol for electric smart home, safety and datacom -2-year warranty

Material Advantage Brady’s team of R&D experts  develop and test labels that are   incredibly tough & long lasting to let you label everything you need to.

Flat Smooth Surface Textured Surface Outdoor Use Wire & Cable Harsh Environment
Self-Laminating Vinyl
PermaSleeve Wire Markers
Nylon Cloth
Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl

Printer Compatibility All BMP21-PLUS cartridges will also work in BMP21-LAB, BMP21, IDPal, and LabPal printers unless otherwise noted.

For More on the BMP21-Plus Label printer click here

BMP21-Plus Label

For BMP21-Plus Labels Click Here


Save with Fluke Networks Electrical Contractor Telecom Tool Kit

The Electrical Contractor Telecom Kit is comprised of Fluke Networks’ industry standard tools and test equipment. All of these products are brought together in a Cordura Case that will last for years.

11290000 Telecom Tool Kit includes:

–  TS30 Test set w/ angled bed-of-nails cord
–  D814 impact tool
–  EverSharp 66/110 cut blade
–  Electrician’s D-snips
–  Cable stripper
–  Standard 4-wire modular adapter
–  Probe pic
–  A copy of the tools & catalog



The 11289-000 Tool Kit Includes:

–  Pro 2000 tone and probe kit
–  D814 Impact tool
–  EverSharp 66/110 cut blade
–  Electrician’s D-snips
–  Cable stripper
–  Standard 4-wire modular adapter
–  Probe pic
–  A copy of the tools & test sets catalog


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2013 Catalog featuring Siemon Cat6 patch panels, Jacks and more!

This years catalog features products from the Siemon Company including Fiber optic enclosures, Category 6 Jacks and Cat6 Patch panels.


Siemon’s HD 6 was the industry’s first cat6 patch panel to exceed category 6 connecting hardware specifications for all pair combinations up to 250 MHz. Along with superior Category 6 performance.


Combine the MC 6 Cat6 Patch cords with the Cat6 MAX Jacks and HD Cat6 patch panels for a complete category 6 channel solution. The Category 6 MAX module provides performance far exceeding category 6 connecting hardware performance specifications. It also insures backwards compatibility with components and systems of lower performing categories.

If you would like a hard copy catalog request one here.

Buy 500 Fast Connect Fiber Connectors and get a Free Fiber Tool Kit

Offer Expires October 31,2013 For This Fiber Connectors Promotion.

AFL Fiber connectors Tool Kit

AFL Fast Connector Tool Kit

Purchase 500 AFL Fast Fast connect Fiber Optic Connectors and receive a FREE CT-30 Cleaver with the CS001201 Fast connect tool kit.

CT30A Cleaver for Fiber connectors

With the Video included you can easily learn to terminate fiber optic connectors like a pro.  Termination time per Fiber connector is about a minute.

AFL’s FAST Fiber Connectors

Pre-polished, field installable connectors that eliminate the need for hand polishing in the field. FAST Connectors provide an immediate termination to either single-mode or multimode fibers.

Click Here for more information on AFL Fast Fiber Optic Connectors

Call Sales today to find out how to receive your Free Fiber optic tool Kit 1-800-543-4333.

The BMP41 Label Printer – Brady’s Newest Handheld Printer

This general purpose Brady label Pinter is ideal for contractors who print around 250 labels per day. It’s a portable, rugged and drop tested printer. Ideal for harsh environments and everyday jobs. The Brady BMP41 is the label printer for all of your needs for general id labels to printing labels on Cat 6 Patch panels, terminal blocks, faceplates and patch cords.


– The BMP41 has the ability to print both continuous and die cut labels.
– Built to be rugged in any environment
– Designed to be Easy
– Engineered Long Lasting Material Quality
– Advanced All-in-One Cartridge System
– This Label printer is built so well Brady is offering a 2 year warranty on it.


Click Here for More info on the Brady BMP41 Label Printer

Brady BMP41 All in one printer Cartridges are convenient and save waste.

BMP41_label Brady BMP41 All in one cartridges

See below for a wide variety of labeling solutions
round-wire-cable-markers  Wrap Around Wire and Cable Markers and Flags

Permasleeve PermaSleeve PS Wire Marking Sleeves
indoor-outdoor-labels Bin, Storage, & General Industrial Labels

faceplate-labels Equipment, Component, Panel, Rating Plate Labels

faceplate Faceplate & Outlet Labels

cable-markers Self-Laminating Cable Markers