AFL Fast Connectors – A quick and simple fiber termination |

Terminate SC, ST and LC connectors in a minute with the AFL Fast Connector series Fiber Connectors.


AFL’s new FAST Connectors are pre-polished, field installable connectors that eliminate the need for hand polishing in the field. FAST Connectors provide an immediate termination to either single-mode or multimode fibers.

FAST Connectors feature a pre-stubbed factory-polished ferrule that couples to the fiber being terminated by precision mechanical alignment, insuring low loss with a proprietary gel. Each FAST Connector comes with a factory-installed wedge clip that holds the clamping device open while the fiber is inserted. Once the fiber is in place, the wedge clip is removed and discarded.

FAST connectors are pre-packaged with 900um connector packs only.

2mm and 3mm boots can be purchased separately.

Product Features

– Easy assembly process – Fiber can be reseated – No expensive tools required – No epoxy required – Factory polishing eliminates loss concerns – Meets TIA/EIA 568A performance requirements    Installation takes just minutes and couldn’t be easier. Strip the buffer, cleave and insert the fiber into the Fast Connector. Release the wedge clip…you’re done!

Gone are the expensive tools, jigs and messy epoxy.

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Stop users from removing patch cords |

Prevent unauthorized removal of RJ45 patch cords from patch panels and wall outlets with the Panduit RJ45 Lock in device.

To install device onto plug:


Insert the tool and rotate clockwise 90°. Snap the plug into the device. Rotate tool back to original position and remove it.

To install into jack:


Insert plug into the jack as usual.

To remove plug from jack:


Insert the tool into the device and rotate clockwise 180°. Remove the plug from the jack. Rotate the tool back to original position and remove it from the device.

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See the light! | Patchsee Patch cords

The problem – Where is the other end plugged into?

The Solution

Patch see Category 5e and category 6 copper patch cords with built in fibers for easy identification.

Integrated with two plastic optical fibers running though the RJ45 cables so that each end can be identified via light “see the light”


How it works

The light is transmitted by two Plastic Optical Fibers(POF) running through the length of the cables which are bent back at 180° inside the boots at each extremity.

The POF are maintained in accessible position by a plastic boot and along the inner sides of the cable to carry the light injection. The transmission of light does not disturb the electric performance in any way.

The light is injected by the PatchLight or PRO-PatchLight which is placed over the boot at one end of a patch cord in use. The other end of the patch cord is identified thanks to the two luminous dots.


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Map your coax network in seconds with the Coax Clarifier Coax Tester

Simply attach the coax clarifier remotes to the coax ends you want to map and hook up the clarifier to the other end.  Test and map your coax network in seconds.  It will even test though coax splitters.

identifies-remotesMaps runs through splitters to show an accurate picture of the coax system layout using up to 4 Coax RF Remotes. Up to 12 ID Only Coax Remotes also available for wiremapping on home runs.


Dark unpowered coax systems give no clue as to their design, condition or configuration. The new Coax Clarifier Coax Tester by T3 Innovation makes it simple and easy to discern the layout of a coax network, locate faults on individual cable runs, identify remotes through splitters, and determine cable run length. In addition, separate cable mapper sets allow a technician to map out the entire coax system and measure the quality and characterization of the overall network for carrying services, such as high grade video, surveillance data and HD programming.

  • Fast testing using multiple coax mapper remote sets
  • Quickly discover coax system layout configuration to save time
  • All testing in one unit: Discovery, Quality and Condition
  • Clear concise measurement display for easy understanding of the capability of each run

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Full Color Cable Testing at an affordable price

The Cable Prowler combines the functions of a high-end cable tester and length measurement tester, with the capability to identify link status, link capability, and PoE detection. All of this is in full color and internal memory to save results.  The Cable Prowler also has the ability to name each cable and save all test results. Cable results can be exported to a computer via micro USB cable for record keeping and printing.

• Displays length measurement for each pair in feet or meters using TDR technology
• Detects presence of PoE and class of PoE per IEEE 802.3af/at with load test for voltage drop
• Detects and reports current link speed and link capabilities for active Ethernet drops up to 1 Gbps
• Link light to identify location on a hub/switch/router port
• Tests ethernet cable configuration and verifies connectivity while conducting tests for opens, shorts, miswires, split pairs, and reverses
• Generates selectable tones on selected pins for use with tone tracers
• Supports up to 8 testing & ID remotes for network & telephone cables
• Supports up to 20 network & coax ID – only mapping remotes
• View saved cable tests
• Full color graphical wire-mapping
• Ability to define cable name, save cable tests and print ALL results (cable testing & network testing)

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The Fujikura 12S | Smallest, lightest and most portable fusion splicer

The Fujikura 12S is the world’s smallest, lightest and most portable fusion splicer available today. Despite its incredibly small size, this ruggedized, full-featured unit offers unmatched versatility for splicing in the most challenging environments. The innovative transit case and work tray provide multiple options for the best utilization of available work space while the long life battery provides power for up to 100 splice cycles which include application of the splice protection sleeve.


The Fujikura 12S incorporates features typically found only in more expensive models. The large 4.5″ monitor provides a crystal clear image, even in the brightest sunlight, for evaluating splice quality. The electrode life has been extended to 3,000 splices, minimizing downtime for replacement and stabilization. Software updates are accomplished via the internet allowing users to quickly update their software as new splice programs become available. The fully ruggedized chassis provides for shock, dust and moisture protection while the two camera observation system provides for accurate fi ber alignment and loss estimation calculations. The Fujikura 12S is also fully compatible with the FuseConnect line of fusion installable connectors.

Backed by the best service team in the industry, the Fujikura 12S is the ideal splicer to use when portability, ruggedness, versatility and reliability are needed for your splicing application.

New – Greenlee 910FS fusion splicer |

Greenlee 910FS fusion splicer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Troubleshoot and splice a variety of fiber optic problems with ease with the 910FS fusion splicer.

Core alignment technology minimizes splice losses and rework time.
Dual Cameras with 240x magnification.
Up to 5,000 splice records can be  stored.
Tube heating time of 30 seconds

Using Pre-terminated splice on connectors reduce prep time and yield lower connector loss.

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OWL Fiber Optic Test Kits – Installer Series Multimode & Singlemode Test Kits

You can now download and Print Reports with these affordable Fiber Testers

Up to 1000 fiber runs can be stored and downloaded to a pc for printing reports using the included OWL reporter software.


Customers often require hardcopy documentation as proof of compliance to standards.  You can now guarantee that the fiber network you installed is in compliance of network cabling standards.

The fiber Owl has Universal ports allow you to connect to ST, SC and FC type connectors, also includes a 1.25mm port for connections to LC connectors

Test just multimode with the IS-KIT-M for only $740.00 or test both singlemode and multimode with the IS-KIT-Q for $1535.00.

Doesn’t it make more sense to spend less on a fiber optic test kit with superior testing specifications and certification reporting.

Built in Standards TIA568, 1GB and 10GB.

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EZ-RJ45 Crimp Tool – the best way to optimize performance

The EZ-RJ45 crimp tool  the simplest way to terminate category 6 plugs onto category 6 cable.
The electrical performance is optimized by pulling the connector over the jacket tightly.  This reduces the distance between the conductors and the contacts.  The EZ-RJ45 Crimp tool Crimps and trims the excess in one easy step.

Simply cut the jacket back
– Arrange the wires in the wiring order needed
– Slide the wires though the plug
– Twist the conductors so when you crimp the plug the mess is easily cleaned up
– Crimp and you have a perfectly done Category 6 plug


A tip for separating the wires is to use the stripped cable jacket and slide the wires in between the pairs.  Untwist the conductors by pushing the wire in the opposite direction.  When you reach the end, pinch the wire inside and pull back towards you.  This also reduces stress on your fingers.