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OWL Fiber Optic Test Kits – Installer Series Multimode & Singlemode Test Kits

You can now download and Print Reports with these affordable Fiber Testers

Up to 1000 fiber runs can be stored and downloaded to a pc for printing reports using the included OWL reporter software.


Customers often require hardcopy documentation as proof of compliance to standards.  You can now guarantee that the fiber network you installed is in compliance of network cabling standards.

The fiber Owl has Universal ports allow you to connect to ST, SC and FC type connectors, also includes a 1.25mm port for connections to LC connectors

Test just multimode with the IS-KIT-M for only $740.00 or test both singlemode and multimode with the IS-KIT-Q for $1535.00.

Doesn’t it make more sense to spend less on a fiber optic test kit with superior testing specifications and certification reporting.

Built in Standards TIA568, 1GB and 10GB.

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