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Stop users from removing patch cords |

Prevent unauthorized removal of RJ45 patch cords from patch panels and wall outlets with the Panduit RJ45 Lock in device.

To install device onto plug:


Insert the tool and rotate clockwise 90°. Snap the plug into the device. Rotate tool back to original position and remove it.

To install into jack:


Insert plug into the jack as usual.

To remove plug from jack:


Insert the tool into the device and rotate clockwise 180°. Remove the plug from the jack. Rotate the tool back to original position and remove it from the device.

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See the light! | Patchsee Patch cords

The problem – Where is the other end plugged into?

The Solution

Patch see Category 5e and category 6 copper patch cords with built in fibers for easy identification.

Integrated with two plastic optical fibers running though the RJ45 cables so that each end can be identified via light “see the light”


How it works

The light is transmitted by two Plastic Optical Fibers(POF) running through the length of the cables which are bent back at 180° inside the boots at each extremity.

The POF are maintained in accessible position by a plastic boot and along the inner sides of the cable to carry the light injection. The transmission of light does not disturb the electric performance in any way.

The light is injected by the PatchLight or PRO-PatchLight which is placed over the boot at one end of a patch cord in use. The other end of the patch cord is identified thanks to the two luminous dots.


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