Map your coax network in seconds with the Coax Clarifier Coax Tester

Simply attach the coax clarifier remotes to the coax ends you want to map and hook up the clarifier to the other end.  Test and map your coax network in seconds.  It will even test though coax splitters.

identifies-remotesMaps runs through splitters to show an accurate picture of the coax system layout using up to 4 Coax RF Remotes. Up to 12 ID Only Coax Remotes also available for wiremapping on home runs.


Dark unpowered coax systems give no clue as to their design, condition or configuration. The new Coax Clarifier Coax Tester by T3 Innovation makes it simple and easy to discern the layout of a coax network, locate faults on individual cable runs, identify remotes through splitters, and determine cable run length. In addition, separate cable mapper sets allow a technician to map out the entire coax system and measure the quality and characterization of the overall network for carrying services, such as high grade video, surveillance data and HD programming.

  • Fast testing using multiple coax mapper remote sets
  • Quickly discover coax system layout configuration to save time
  • All testing in one unit: Discovery, Quality and Condition
  • Clear concise measurement display for easy understanding of the capability of each run

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