Greenlee 811K Digital High Performance Tracing Kit

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Greenlee 811K Digital High Performance Tracing Kit



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  The 811K Digital High Performance Tracing Kit is a wire and pair tracing tool that is both universally compatible and virtually noise-immune. Whether tracking wires in a clear and quiet location or trying to find a wire in an area roaring with power hum and digital crosstalk, the 200XP probe and 77GX tone generator work efficiently. The tracing pair is also capable of working with any older type conventional tone probes and tone generators.
  Product Features:
- Trace wire pairs or cables even in areas with high electrical noise levels.
- Very high performance together, still work with all older tracing equipment.
- Crystal-controlled digital signal processing (DSP) accuracy.
- Selectable digital probe filtering allows users to choose performance.
- Single button probe function control.
- Power hum melts away with the press of a button.
- Works with butt sets for improved audibility in loud locations.
- Selectable power output levels in generator permit tailoring to application.
- Two-line telephone service indication.
- Short circuit check.
- Tone generator offers modular plug, modular jack or alligator clip connection.
- Three selectable tone sending patterns.
- Auto-off battery saver function for probe (5 min) and generator (4 h).
- Low battery indication.

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