PTX Battery powered Wire Wrapping Tool

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The patented PTX Series of Wire Wrapping Tools bring a new level of wire wrapping proficiency to installers, telecom technicians and other users.

This wire wrapping tool has a maximum usage rating of 2,500 cycles/day, will wire wrap 18 to 30 AWG wire and is available in both battery and electric models.

The PTX also features a dual-finger short-throw trigger, a long handle to mitigate pressure on the palm to prevent repetitive stresses and a comfort design based on the recommendations of our certified ergonomist. The housing is rugged yet light in weight and includes additional features including a low battery indicator, wrap unwrap switch, a high-powered motor for the heaviest gauges of wire and a permanently attached collet nut. Besides being available in both a battery and electric models, the electric PTX Wire Wrapping Tools are available with a unique optional feature known as backforce. *

* Backforce is a spring-loaded internal device that is utilized to help the operator eliminate excess pressure against connections on critical applications. The succeeding turns of wire being wrapped on the terminal forces the wire wrapping bit rearward against a predetermined spring pressure. This assures that every connection on the panel has been wrapped at the same pressure. The backforce wire wrapping feature is recommended for new users/trainees and is best when used on wire gauges 26 to 30 AWG.

  Product Features:
- Ergonomic Design - Minimizes Repetitive Stress
- Rugged Construction for Field Usage
- Battery and Electric Powered Versions Available
- Wraps and Unwraps 18 to 30 AWG Wire
- Rated Maximum Usage: 2,500 Cycles/Day

  Kit Includes:
- PTX Battery Wrap/Unrap Tool
- PTX-BC1 Charger
- PTX-B 2 Batteries
- DFB224 Dual Function Wrapping/Unwrapping Bit/Sleeve Set, 22-24 awg
- H1000 Cordura Tool Pouch


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