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Greenlee 468 Tempo Modular Cable tester

Tempo 468-G Tempo Modular Cable tester

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Most voice and data network problems are wire related. Open or shorted pairs and general mis-wires can be quickly diagnosed with the 468 Tester. Why spend hundreds on a high-end tester when all you really need are basic functions? The Model 468 rises above the competition with its unique features including a built-in tone generator. Simply connect any 8-position modular plug to the appropriate jack on the transmitter and a sweeping tone signal is applied to all pairs. At the far end of the cable, use any Tempo Electronics inductive amplifier (probe) to locate the corresponding plug or jack. Connecting the receiver unit automatically activates the test process. Sequencing red and green LEDs provide fast, accurate and simple to understand results. The Model 468 identifies opens, shorts, transposed pairs and will even alert the technician if connected to an active circuit without harming the unit.

Tempo 468-G Tempo Modular Cable tester
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Tempo 468-G Tempo Modular Cable tester
468 tempo tester.
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The NETcat micro is a device that verifies the integrity of bath twisted pair and coaxial telecom cables. It uses high speed digital technology to verify wiring continuity and check for the correct allocation of wire pairs, showing the results on the backlit display. Four durable keys select the test and wire tracing modes. A wide range of tracing tone options makes it easy to track and identify high performance Category 5/6/7 wiring, and the tracing tones are compatible with Greenlee's 200XP noise immune tone probe. An auto-off function helps extend the battery life.

  Product Features:
- Tests UTP and STP Wiring and coaxial cables
- Detects shorts, opens, reversed, crossed and split pairs
- Generates three distinct selectable tones for cable tracing and troubleshooting
- Simple test of LAN wiring and phone lines
- Checks for reversed phone lines


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One touch Testing verifies network cabling and service. The NETcat Pro is a digital tool for fast, accurate checking of cables, wiring and network service. Operated using a back-lit touch screen display, the pro not only test wiring continuity and proper pair allocation, but measures the length of cables and determines if network service is available. When used with the NC-510 accessory kit containing Seven (7) expansion remote test modules, the NETcat Pro can uniquely test coax or twisted pair jacks from a central location eight (8) at a time. Using either a finger tip or the built in stylus, the screen can be used to control and display a range of tests from fault finding to TDR length measurement.

  Product Features:
- Touch screen display with contrast adjustment and backlight.
- Tests UTP and STP Wiring and coaxial cables
- 0-2000' Cable length via TDR
- generates four distint, precision tones for tracing low-loss cables like cat 5
- Identifies active networks devices (PC or Hub) on 10/100 base-T Networks
- Detects shorts, opens, reversed, crossed and split pairs


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Greenlee NC-510 NETcat pro accessory kit w/7 digital remote units

Tempo NC-510 NETcat pro accessory kit w/7 digital remote units

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This kit includes the carry case and seven (7) digital remote units to be used with the NETcat® Pro base unit (not included).


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Paladin Tools PA1574 LAN Cable-Check

Tempo PA1574 LAN Cable-Check

SKU: PA1574
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Test continuity of RJ45 data and telephone connection schemes on patch cords or on installed cable runs to identify: good connections, opens, shorts and cross-connections.

  Telephone Test Set and Tone Probe Cable Tracer
- Identifies Cross-Over Telephone Connections
- Automatically Scans When Cables are Connected and Unit Turned On
- Two Scan Speeds: Fast or Slow
- Map Connector and Cable Pin-Out
- Tests Cable Up to 1,650 Feet or 500 m
- Also Tests R11 Connections Using an RJ11 Adapter (Not Included)
- One-Year Warranty

  Kit Includes:
- 2, RJ45 Patch Cords
- 9V Battery Included
- A Durable Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Loop


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Paladin Tools PA1594 LAN & A/V Cable-Check

Tempo PA1594 LAN & A/V Cable-Check

SKU: PA1594
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Quickly and easily test RJ45, cable TV "F", RCA, and BNC cabling used in smart home installations.

- Tests RJ45 patch cords and network installations to identify good connections, opens, shorts or cross-connections
- Connection type:RJ45 UTP or STP modular plug & cable TV "F" coaxial
- Identifies data and telephone connection schemes
- Maps cable pin-out
- Tests continuity of cable TV cables and installed cable runs
- Battery life for 15 hours continuous use
- Max. length: 1,650' (500 m)

- Combination network and coax tester
- Automatic scanning
- User selectable slow or fast speeds
- Quickly check cable installations and patch cords
- Easy-to-use with clear LED read-outs

- 2 RJ45 patch cords
- 75ohm male terminator
- CATV "F" Female adapter
- 2 CATV "F"(Male) to BNC(Female) adapter
- 2 CATV "F"(Male) to RCA(Female) adapter
- 9V battery
- Durable nylon carrying case


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Paladin Tools PA901066 LAN ProNavigator Test Set Kit

Tempo PA901066 LAN ProNavigator Test Set Kit

SKU: PA901066
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If you’re a technician on the go, you need the LAN ProNavigator™ from Paladin Tools! Two-piece tester includes main unit and remote with test results at both ends.

  Product Features:
- One-Button, Simple Testing (PASS/FAIL or Fault Find)
- Traces Wires with Tone & Remote Lights
- Quick Fault Analysis on Coax & Data Cables
- CAT-5, CAT-5e or CAT-6 (UTP/STP) Cable Testing
- Detects Opens, Shorts, Crossed Wires & Split Pairs
- Compact & Lightweight, Comfortable to Hold
- Test Status Lights at Both Ends (Main Unit & Remote)
- Designed & Manufactured in the USA

- Simple PASS/FAIL Test Results in One Second Allows Technicians to Quickly Move on to the Next Test Site.
- Generates Oscillating Audio Tone for use with Tone Probes to Locate Cables.
- Tests Data and Telephone Cables up to 320 Feet (100 meters) for Proper Pairing for EIA/TIA-568A, EIA/TIA-568B, Token Ring, 10 Base T, and Common
- Category 5 Configurations.
- Tests Unshielded UTP and Shielded STP Data Cable.
- Detects Good Connections, Open Connections, Crossed Wires and Split Pairs.
- Tests Common BNC Connected 50 and 75 ohm Coaxial Cables up to 320 Feet (100 meters) for Continuity.
- Tests Coaxial Cable Types RG58, RG59, RG6, RG6 Quad, Belden 8281, RG8, RG11 and More.
- Shows Test Results at Both Ends of Cable.
- Belt Clips Provided and Lanyard Holes Embedded in Case to Attach to Belt or Wrist.
- Uses Standard 9-Volt DC Battery with Auto-Off Function to Preserve Battery Life.
- Includes Standard 9-Volt Battery
- One-Year Warranty

  901066 Includes:
- Test Set (Main and Remote)
- 2 RJ45 Patch Cords
- 2 BNC Coaxial Cables
- 2 CATV "F"to BNC Adapters
- 1BNC/BNC Adapter
- 1 Shielded RJ45 Coupler
- 2 Belt Clips in Durable Case


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