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- Monitor total network bandwidth throughput
- Identify band width consumed per device
- Voice over IP (VoIP) QoS testing
- Identifies source of network conflicts (copper)
- Identify MAC and IP address devices on network  
  LanXPLORER PRO is an In-Line tester for diagnosing problems in active and passive networks. Capabilities include troubleshooting for Ethernet connectivity and identifying faults in copper cables. Networks can be accessed through copper, fibre and Wi-Fi interfaces.  
  LanXPLORER PRO includes advanced detection of PoE and PoE+ with voltage, current and power consumption measurements to diagnose power supply problems. The In-Line mode also allows you to measure the power consumption of your PoE and PoE+ devices.  
  LanXPLORER PRO enables monitoring of VoIP calls to measure Quality of Service (QoS) including Real Time Transport Protocol (RTP) and jitter, whilst providing detailed network statistics and device mapping.  
- The In-Line feature (RJ-45) allows monitoring of network traffic between any two points in the network to diagnose Ethernet issues that cannot be detected by software tools running on a PC or managed switch
- Identifies top 10 band width consuming devices (both transmitting and receiving) on the network to help troubleshooting
- Identifies source of network conflicts (copper) such as unintentionally adding DHCP servers or devices using duplicate IP addresses
- Integrates Ethernet diagnostics, cable testing and PoE testing in a portable handheld device
- Performs PoE/PoE+ load tests to determine the maximum power available to a PoE device at its installed location
- Captures history of Min/Max/Avg bandwidth consumption, frame sizes and Ethernet protocols
- Test results including can be saved as .xml for Microsoft Excel and provides proof of performance to your clients
- Operates with IPv4 and IPv6 internet addresses
- An easy to use interface combined with a touch screen enables you to start using the tester immediately in the field and helps reduce job duration
- Netmap function performs a scan of your the entire network (copper, fibre and Wi-Fi) including printers, servers and PCs which can be saved and compared to future
- Netmaps to identify new or removed network devices, or changes in network configuration
- Provides a comprehensive analysis on layer 1 (physical cable), layer 2 (data), layer 3 (IP) as well as layer 4 and above for VoIP testing which a PC cannot provide.
- Field replaceable RJ-45 contacts eliminate downtime from worn or damaged connectors  
- Identify sources of network congestion
- Identify new, missing or rogue network devices
- Troubleshoot PoE devices
- Determine cause of VoIP quality issues
- Locate Wi-Fi deadspots
- Determine whether source of network connectivity issue is the LAN or PC/Network device
- Cable installation testing – i.e. wiremap/length
- Cable troubleshooting – i.e. TDR/distance to faultNetwork verification testing – following installation, moves, additions and changes to LAN/Internet
- Port profiling – check ID and services provided at each port of a switchNetwork auditing – i.e. document devices connected to LAN  
- 1 x LanXPLORER Pro test unit
- 1 x remote unit No. 1
- 1 x external USB high sensitivity W-iFi antenna
- 1 x NiMH battery pack
- 1 x power supply with EU/UK/US adaptor
- 2 x patch cables, 30cm, Cat. 5e STP
- 1 x manual on CD
- 1 x quick reference guide
- 1 x carry case
- 1 x I Trend Networks amplifier probe 62-164
- 1 x RJ45 insert extraction tool
- 10 x Lifejack RJ45 inserts

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